Let’s Talk: Communicating Through Email

Communication has quickly warped into a digital form of texting and emailing. In the busy world we live in today, it can much more convenient to shoot someone a quick email instead of giving them a call. Though convenient, we hit barriers when trying to express precisely what we mean through email instead of face-to-face conversation. So let’s… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Communicating Through Email

Let’s Play Follow the Leader

  Let’s Play Follow the Leader. As a kid, playing Follow the Leader with my friends was a common phenomena. My friends and I would take turns being the leader, choosing where to go and what everyone who was following had to do. If the leader would turn right, everyone else would turn right. If… Continue reading Let’s Play Follow the Leader

Work Hard, Lead Better

Getting people to recognize you as the leader you are does not require the use of a Christopher Nolan-esque form of inception or any other specific technique.  To let you in on a little secret, there is no one way that is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of your colleagues.  That may… Continue reading Work Hard, Lead Better

Leadership Skill: The Art of Delegation

A Story About Delegation In my younger and simpler years, I remember my father would come home after a long day of work and quickly unwind by sitting on the couch and turning on the television. He would watch a wide variety of shows in which I had no particular interest in, but for some… Continue reading Leadership Skill: The Art of Delegation

OK, You got the job – Now what? Part 1

Life before the start of being in the “real world”, many resources are provided to help you win that post college position. You have had advice from family, friends, faculty and career experts while on campus. You learned how to prepare a resume, how to interview and how to succeed at receiving a coveted job offer.… Continue reading OK, You got the job – Now what? Part 1

How Do You Lead: Kegan Wise

How do you lead Kegan Wise, a senior studying business finance, explains the boundless opportunities and irreplaceable benefits that he has found during the time he has spent in the Select Leaders Program within the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership. Kegan has found that he can apply his learning’s to both his in-class endeavors and… Continue reading How Do You Lead: Kegan Wise

The Value of Reflective Writing

How Reflective Writing Contributes to Leadership How often do you reflect on the stories that you tell about yourself? How about your team, your values, your family, your leadership? The stories you tell shape your understanding of the world and yourself. Taking time to reflect and understand these stories is a key to developing as… Continue reading The Value of Reflective Writing