Black History Heroes

Leadership has always been a part of history.  Often we hear about the profound leaders and most of the time others get overlooked.  February is Black History Month and we at the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership would like to celebrate the outstanding leadership and accomplishments of African-Americans during this time. Black History Heroes: Black… Continue reading Black History Heroes

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence has become an invaluable skill for leaders to possess. Developing your EQ (emotional intelligence) benefits both yourself and those you come into contact with, both personally and professionally. EQ allows a leader to reach an audience in ways that others cannot. Reaching a diverse audience can be challenging, but… Continue reading Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Let’s Play Follow the Leader

  Let’s Play Follow the Leader. As a kid, playing Follow the Leader with my friends was a common phenomena. My friends and I would take turns being the leader, choosing where to go and what everyone who was following had to do. If the leader would turn right, everyone else would turn right. If… Continue reading Let’s Play Follow the Leader

Summer Internships Away from Home: What you Need to Know

Getting a summer internship is an amazing accomplishment that provides you with the chance to learn something new.  Along with a new learning experience you also may get the opportunity to experience something new as well, like moving to a new city for a period of time.  Accepting an internship away from home can be… Continue reading Summer Internships Away from Home: What you Need to Know

Work Hard, Lead Better

Getting people to recognize you as the leader you are does not require the use of a Christopher Nolan-esque form of inception or any other specific technique.  To let you in on a little secret, there is no one way that is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of your colleagues.  That may… Continue reading Work Hard, Lead Better

5 Ways to Lead in Your Second Semester

  Second Semester is underway! This is a busy, yet exciting time for Ohio University students. Taking different classes, joining organizations you haven’t been a part of before, and looking for new job opportunities all create new spaces to lead in! Check out 7 great ways you can lead this semester. 1. Look out for Exec Position Openings What better way… Continue reading 5 Ways to Lead in Your Second Semester

Leadership Skill: The Art of Delegation

A Story About Delegation In my younger and simpler years, I remember my father would come home after a long day of work and quickly unwind by sitting on the couch and turning on the television. He would watch a wide variety of shows in which I had no particular interest in, but for some… Continue reading Leadership Skill: The Art of Delegation