Meet Rachael Pinney!

What’s your major? I’m studying Business Administration with a focus in MIS and Business Analytics through the Honors Tutorial College. Do you have post-graduation plans? I’ll be working at PwC’s (PricewaterhouseCoopers) headquarters in New York City, New York. There, I will work with financial services clients as a Technology Risk Assurance Associate. Why did you… Continue reading Meet Rachael Pinney!

Barbara Bruce – Walter Center Spotlight!

What is your year and major?  I am originally from Pittsford, New York. I am a junior pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting, Finance, and Business Pre-Law at Ohio University. Why did you join Emerging? I joined Emerging Leaders to grow and enhance my professionalism. I wanted to be surrounded by people who… Continue reading Barbara Bruce – Walter Center Spotlight!

Abigail Roberg – Select Leaders VP of Leadership Mentoring!

What is your major? Finance and Business Analytics What year are you? Senior  What is your dream job? I would love to work in Finance Learning & Development at a big company. I am a numbers and data driven person, but I have so much passion for connecting with people and helping them find success.… Continue reading Abigail Roberg – Select Leaders VP of Leadership Mentoring!

Learn More About Patrick Kelley!

What’s your major? Marketing with a certificate in Sales, Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. What year are you?   I am a Junior. What are your goals for yourself before you graduate from Ohio U?  Immediately secure a summer 2018 sales internship position with a large technology company, preferably out of state. Compete with… Continue reading Learn More About Patrick Kelley!

Meet Emerging Leaders President, Taylor Cremeans!

Taylor’s Academic Interests I am currently a Junior double majoring in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics while pursuing a certificate in Professional Sales. Post-Graduation Goals   My goals, professionally, would be to hold a managerial role within a company I am passionate about. Being able to work for an innovative company within its industry… Continue reading Meet Emerging Leaders President, Taylor Cremeans!

Get to Know Alex Rado!

What’s your major? I am studying Business with a focus in Marketing and Sales. What are your goals for yourself, post-graduation? My goals for myself post-graduation are to work for a company that is at the top of their industry and can offer financial stability. I also want to work for a company that gives… Continue reading Get to Know Alex Rado!

An Emphasis on Individual Success

Growing up, it was easy to compare yourself to the other kids in the class. We can all remember the kid who was exceptional at art or could read before everyone else. It was easy to measure ourselves on a scale of others’ successes. We all wanted to be the best, smartest, fastest kid on… Continue reading An Emphasis on Individual Success