Era of the Global Leader

In this day and age, we are not restrained to work only in our own communities and cultures. We have the opportunity to travel across seas, across borders and be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Learning how to be a global leader is so important in developing yourself as a person.… Continue reading Era of the Global Leader

Let’s Talk: Communicating Through Email

Communication has quickly warped into a digital form of texting and emailing. In the busy world we live in today, it can much more convenient to shoot someone a quick email instead of giving them a call. Though convenient, we hit barriers when trying to express precisely what we mean through email instead of face-to-face conversation. So let’s… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Communicating Through Email

5 Ways to Lead on Your Spring Break Vacation

You can be a leader anywhere, even on Spring Break Vacation! Finding the opportunity to lead on a vacation is a simple way to practice your skills in a non-professional setting! There are many ways you can lead in the upcoming week. Here are five ways you can lead on your spring break vacation: Delegate… Continue reading 5 Ways to Lead on Your Spring Break Vacation

Self-Awareness: Your Secret to Leadership Success

There are many qualities to a leader that we tend to focus on. Traits such delegation, strong communication, and beaming confidence are quite standard when we reflect on what makes an effective leader. There is one attribute, however, that is often overlooked. This attribute is self-awareness. Being a person who is self-aware is transformative in… Continue reading Self-Awareness: Your Secret to Leadership Success

Walter Center Leadership Series Welcomes Rich Crawford

Rich Crawford: “The Best Leader” Rich Crawford, founder and president of R. Crawford LTD., spoke last Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at Baker Theater for the Walter Center Leadership Series. Crawford’s background is in engineering, managing, and consulting. He now sits on the board of three different companies. Ohio University professor John Nobles kicked off the event… Continue reading Walter Center Leadership Series Welcomes Rich Crawford

Black History Heroes

Leadership has always been a part of history.  Often we hear about the profound leaders and most of the time others get overlooked.  February is Black History Month and we at the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership would like to celebrate the outstanding leadership and accomplishments of African-Americans during this time. Black History Heroes: Black… Continue reading Black History Heroes

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence has become an invaluable skill for leaders to possess. Developing your EQ (emotional intelligence) benefits both yourself and those you come into contact with, both personally and professionally. EQ allows a leader to reach an audience in ways that others cannot. Reaching a diverse audience can be challenging, but… Continue reading Leading with Emotional Intelligence