Invaluable Mentorship

Finding a professional mentor who can encourage and guide you through the ups and downs of your career is an incredibly valuable experience that can assist in your growth and development as a successful leader in society. There are five main benefits of having this kind of relationship with a seasoned veteran:


Having a mentor gives you the ability to know the experiences they have gone through that are similar to situations you are in right now. This allows you to ask them questions about their experiences and learn from them. They can tell you the mistakes they’ve made and tell you how to avoid them. Knowing how to avoid certain mistakes puts you ahead of the curve, pushing you to think of other ways to go about a situation.

Accountability and Motivation 

Your mentor can hold you accountable as well as motivate you when you’re feeling behind. Some days it can be hard to push yourself to complete what you need to complete. It is days like these when a mentor can be most valuable. When you feel like you can’t push yourself, they will push you. They will motivate and encourage you!


Professional mentors know other professionals! Finding someone that can introduce you to their peers is a fantastic opportunity to reach out and make priceless connections. To have someone that really likes you and finds you invaluable will introduce you to successful people and show you off.


Mentors are great for providing feedback on how you are doing professionally. Whether it be writing a proposal or applying for a job and needing your resume reviewed, your mentor has got your back! Applying for new positions can often be a tedious task, but with the help and encouragement of your mentor, you will land the job! Feedback is critical in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and a mentor can provide you with that.

Share your Successes 

Did you land the job? Did you submit a paper that you are so proud of? Celebrate with your mentor! Having someone there that knows how hard you have worked to reach your goal and to celebrate that success with you is invaluable. Being able to celebrate your successes with someone who knows your professional dreams and aspirations is a different kind of celebration. Mentors are so proud when their mentees succeed!

Professional mentors can be extremely invaluable resources. Find someone that has similar career goals, perhaps farther along in their career than you and set up and mentor/mentee relationship!


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