5 Ways to Lead on Your Spring Break Vacation

You can be a leader anywhere, even on Spring Break Vacation! Finding the opportunity to lead on a vacation is a simple way to practice your skills in a non-professional setting! There are many ways you can lead in the upcoming week. Here are five ways you can lead on your spring break vacation:

Delegate driving to your spring break destination

One of the most crucial characteristics for a leader to possess is the art of delegation. Being able to delegate tasks among team members, or in this case, friends, makes long tasks, like driving, more enjoyable and efficient. Driving long hours to the beach has never been so fun!

Collaborate with your friends to find the best vacation dinner spot

Collaboration is key to be certain everyone is happy with the final decision, whether that be professionally or on vacation! Great leaders use collaboration to empower others to speak up about what they want. The best solutions come from collective groups of people who conversate about the best possible solution, or, in this case, the best possible restaurant for dinner.

Have empathy if one of your friends gets sunburnt

Using your emotional intelligence to empathize with your peers and friends is a skill that great leaders possess. Remind your friend to put a lot of sunscreen on, in the first place, but if and when they have a sunburn, show some empathy!


Respect others if they decide to lay on the beach instead of hanging out in the ocean

Leaders who are respectful are often respected. Understand that people think different than you, so when someone wants to spend their day doing something contrary to how you want to spend your day, respect that! Spring Break is supposed to be fun and carefree, so let everyone enjoy the sun in their own way.

Effectively communicate about what activities you want to do for the day

Let people know what you want to do for the day because others might want to join along! If some of your friends want to do a different activity, then effectively communicating that. It gives you the opportunity to plan your day out so everyone can do their favorite activity at some point!


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