5 Ways to Lead in Your Second Semester


Second Semester is underway! This is a busy, yet exciting time for Ohio University students. Taking different classes, joining organizations you haven’t been a part of before, and looking for new job opportunities all create new spaces to lead in! Check out 7 great ways you can lead this semester.

1. Look out for Exec Position Openings

What better way to get hands-on experience while on campus? Applying for an Exec Position is a great way to lead in something that you are passionate about. Not only is joining Exec a great resume builder, but you can positively impact a whole organization of people as well! I mean, hey, you joined that organization in the first place, why not get more involved and spread your love for the org.

2. Think about what you can be doing better

Did you meet all your goals from last semester? How can you reach your goals for this semester? What can you improve on this semester? What are you passionate about? What are you involved in? How are you being a leader around campus? Asking yourself a few of these basic questions can help you become a better leader both on and off campus.

3. Find a job on campus that relates to your major

This is a great way to get your feet wet in something that you love to do! Look at the Ohio University webpage, or talk to a connection to find a great major-related job to apply for. Get experience in what you want to do and meet peers who are trying to achieve and succeed in a similar major.

4. Write to-do lists and create calendars

Making lists of all the things you need to get done this semester is a sure-fire way of meeting your goals. You can enhance both your efficiency and productivity. With a handy list, you won’t forget about any meetings, papers, or scholarships that you must attend or complete.

5. Encourage your friends and peers to get involved

Surrounding yourself with friends that are excited and driven about their personal and professional lives is key in helping you succeed. What are your friends passionate about? How can you encourage them to be even better at what they are doing? Are they involved on campus? Encouraging your friends to be involved is both a great leadership quality and will help you stay involved as well.

6. Start a study group with friends

Not only will this help you secure that A, but it encourages your friends to do well in school too! It is definitely a lot more fun studying with your favorite people than attempting to study alone. More fun AND a better GPA? Can’t get much better than that!

7. Start searching for internships

Looking to get ahead in your field? Start looking for internship opportunities for summer 2017! Being a leader includes having as many experiences as you can, and interning for a great company is a way to do that. It helps you get a real look into what you could be doing one day and how professionals lead in their own workplace!


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