Leadership Skill: The Art of Delegation

A Story About Delegation

In my younger and simpler years, I remember my father would come home after a long day of work and quickly unwind by sitting on the couch and turning on the television. He would watch a wide variety of shows in which I had no particular interest in, but for some reason I would sit along and watch with him. One of the most enjoyable shows we would watch was Star Trek. My father would watch reruns of the classic science fiction drama almost every evening; it was a show that he grew up with. I remember sitting in front of the television and being drawn in by the future technology, the space adventures and of course, the vivid characters.

The characters are what made the show great. There were a vast range of characters, so, in essence, there was a character that everyone could relate to. I, like so many other Star Trek fans, was drawn to the captain of the ship, Captain James T. Kirk. Most characters on the show were highly intelligent and had expertise in a specific field but Captain Kirk was no super genius nor know it all, but Captain Kirk had a quality that no other person on the show had – a unique talent in leadership. What he lacked in knowledge or expertise he made up for with his outstanding leadership. What made Captain Kirk’s leadership so special was his ability to delegate. His talent for delegating the right tasks to the right members of his crew is what made him all the better. Delegation is an important aspect of leadership and a quite useful skill to have in any work or group environment.

What is Delegation?

Delegation is the process of assigning, entrusting or giving a specific task to others. To further explain this point, I will return to my role model, Captain Kirk. On his ship, he arguably had the most talented crew in space, they were intelligent, witty, and creative, but his crew would be nothing without the proper organization and use of their abilities. In order to properly delegate, a great leader must understand and know the people that they’re working with. For example, on Captain Kirk’s ship you had Scotty, a top-notch engineer, Spock an alien and highly logical being, and Dr. Leonard McCoy, a medical expert.

Throughout the show, Captain Kirk would assign them tasks that matched their area of expertise and never assigned them a task or mission that they were unqualified to complete, maximizing the efficiency of his ship and increasing his crew’s success when completing a mission. Understanding the unique abilities of everyone you are working with is an invaluable skill to have when you’re in a positon of leadership or management.



Now It’s Your Turn

With this in mind, take the time to channel your inner Captain Kirk. A great leader is comprised of many qualities and develops a great range of skills. Having the ability to delegate is just one of many, but it is sure to set you apart. So with that being said “Live long and prosper” and for more information about delegation be sure to check out the links below.


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