OK, You got the job – Now what? Part 2

Time is money 

An often heard phrase is that time is money. This translates to – you should be at work before the scheduled start time and plan to stay a little after. Show your boss you are a “go-getter”. Beware – deadlines are an absolute! There is no partial credit for completion after the deadline. As you perform assignments, ask questions, check with others and seek feedback for ways you can do better. Self-review your work; there can be no shortcuts and it needs to be 100% right. Feedback is not a judgment about your performance as good or bad. It is about giving you information to make the most of your talent. View it as a positive way to become better at what you do. It can also help distinguish you from your peers in a good way!

Engage and build relationships

When the team goes to lunch and you packed your lunch, toss your lunch in the trashcan and go along! Attend events with your peers. Be interested in those around you and ask questions to those above you. Many of the senior team will mentor you when they know you are committed and you are seeking a career (not just a job). Keep your relationships with your peers including those at other companies throughout your career. Your next job will most likely come from a referral. You have to ask yourself, who is in your circle that would refer an opportunity to you. Building a relationship is not sending a text or using a social media site, it is spending quality time with others, being engaged and being positive.

Your first year will be filled with many mistakes. You will receive what seems to be harsh feedback at times, and you might even consider simply leaving. DON’T DO IT! The resume with a history of five jobs in four years says “quitter”. A company does not wish to invest its resources in hiring and training you only to have you leave.

Stay and show your commitment.

Take the harsh feedback you receive and do something about it. Learn to fail, so you can then learn to succeed. Set goals for what you want to accomplish and talk to those above you about how to be on the upward path. Most of all enjoy what you do and the others around you will enjoy you. A quote from Tim Notke to bear in mind is “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”!

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