Leadership and Success according to Dan Squiller, C.E.O of Verengo Solar

Dan Squiller, a leader to follow

Ohio University’s Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership had the privilege of hosting the esteemed Dan Squiller, Chief Executive Operator of Verengo Solar, Wednesday,   November 2, at Baker Theater as part of the Eco Challenge Competition and Leadership Speaker Series.

He spoke on his experiences as a leader in his industry as well as his advice for becoming a successful and influential leader. Dan Squiller explained the process that he went through to reach where he is today, including his desire for defying the odds, leading him to success. Intertwined in the discussion of effective leadership were three key words: Compassion, Conflict, and Commitment.aaeaaqaaaaaaaaceaaaajdfkmgvjnde0lwi4mditndlims04mmyylwnkzjzhmtyzywy0nw


He spoke on being humble and having compassion for others while learning from them and their experiences. Having a humble attitude is what allows one to learn more about other people as well as oneself.

If you think you have life and your career all figured out, then you stop striving as intensely as you would otherwise. Squiller said, “Be humble. Don’t think you’ve got the world figured out. Right now at my age I have less stuff figured out than I did.” He continues to search for more knowledge and harder challenges, further developing his leadership skills and abilities.


Influential leaders should possess the ability to recognize and confront conflict in a way that is constructive and purposeful for all individuals involved. Conflict is really really healthy. It is just about figuring out how to bring it out in a right way that is productive,” said Squiller.

To look at a situation and see if there is a problem and to constructively change it into a solution is a task that leaders face often. Squiller discussed the ability to gain value through failures, conflicts, and difficulties. The good things that are going to happen to you, that will change you and make you a better individual, come from difficulty and pain. Failure is when he most grew as a leader.


Leading a group of individuals requires a high level of dedication. While explaining his experience with large problems at a company he had been working for, he said, “The company and I refused to fail, refused to give up.” It is that kind of commitment that a leader needs; to look at the problem in the face and still remain committed to the cause you believe in. Since “you can’t always choose the time and the place of your battles,” you must be ready to commit yourself to your team, company, and cause, from the very beginning.

Leadership is multi-dimensional and requires compassion, conflict, and commitment. He taught valuable lessons through the experiences he shared. Much thanks to Dan Squiller for being an inspiration to the participants of the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership Eco Challenge.

Dan Squiller has a strong history as an Ohio University Bobcat and continues to stay involved with several campus organizations. Dan has led global sales organizations and worldwide OEM Programs for software and electronics firms and rose through the ranks with Scientific Atlanta. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Operator with Verengo Solar in Torrance California.


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