How Do You Lead: Kaitlyn Haag

Leading by Example

Developing yourself into a forward-thinking leader is necessary for surviving in today’s competitive climate. The Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership is a center to get involved in if you are looking to propel yourself into success. The center offers many programs that place students in real world situations providing the student with unique professional development opportunities. One program that the center prides itself in offering is the Select Leadership Development Program.

Kaitlyn Haag, a senior studying marketing and management & strategic leadership with a certificate in international business, understands first hand just how invaluable the Select Leadership Development Program is. She explains her great experience of “going to different engagements and meeting with high top executives that I would not have gotten the opportunity to, if I wasn’t in Select.”  The Select Leaders Program has provided Kaitlyn with the ability to go farther than she believes she could have without the program.     

Leadership through Involvement

Kaitlyn leads by offering her talents to the position Vice President of Public Relations for the Select Leadership Development Program. This position requires her to build the Select Leaders website, design the resume book, create recruitment materials, produce any merchandising, and compile any other promotional items needed for the year. Additionally, she holds the position of Vice President of Pledge Education for Delta Sigma Pi (a professional business fraternity) this semester. In this position, she educates new members on professionalism and key business skills that they may not have known before joining the fraternity.

Speaking on Her Experiences

These leadership experiences have assisted in my own personal reflection and have granted me a great position as the Student Director of Marketing and Teaching Assistant for the Walter Leadership Center. I can say that Select Leaders has positively influenced my growth throughout the past three years and continues to guide me towards effective leadership.”

There are so many great memories that have come from joining Select Leaders. One that really sticks out is the networking mixer during the junior class trip to Chicago last year. At this mixer, we were introduced to many Bobcats, young and old, that work in Chicago. I spoke with one specific individual who currently works for Microsoft. After building a relationship with her, she connected me with many individuals. It was at that moment where I realized the leadership curriculum, executive engagements, and public speaking opportunities provided by Select Leaders granted me the skills to build an immediate relationship which has (now) impacted my career ever since. There are several other stories like this reflected in my peers that are part of the Select Leadership Development program as well.

What is leadership?

As a senior, my concept of leadership has changed with each new experience. After many self-reflection assessments given to the members of Select Leaders, I have been able to figure out what type of leader I embody; one who leads by action and empathic listening. I am not afraid to speak in front of a crowd, but the most effective times I have lead are when I have created promotional material, provided guidance to other students, and created a calm atmosphere in times where many peers are stressed and anxious. It is through my involvement with the Walter Leadership Center, Select Leaders, and the utilization of Tim and Tammy Reynolds as mentors that I have continued to reflect on my own leadership skills.


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