How Do You Lead: Kegan Wise

How do you lead

Kegan Wise, a senior studying business finance, explains the boundless opportunities and irreplaceable benefits that he has found during the time he has spent in the Select Leaders Program within the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership. Kegan has found that he can apply his learning’s to both his in-class endeavors and work place ones. Select Leaders taught him a professionalism that he was able to apply to his internship at Goodyear and future job opportunities. As his professionalism increased, his ability to lead others did as well.

 Select Leaders has given him the opportunity to understand his strengths and weaknesses allowing him to communicate his abilities more effectively in the real world. “When I am starting an assignment, I understand my strengths and weaknesses so I work better in teams and can help other teams develop better,” Kegan Wise said. 

Another fantastic opportunity that the Select Leaders program has provided him with is the ability to connect with alumni. After graduation, Kegan will have a professional mentor as well as a large pool of people in his network that can help him transition from college into his first job. Kegan plans on moving out of the state of Ohio, which will highlight the real benefits of having such a vast alumni network through his ability to connect and find jobs out of state.

A little more about Kegan

Kegan loves adventure sports, including white water rafting, skydiving, hiking, and traveling. He has white water rafted several times as well as gone skydiving, however he hopes to bungee jump some day.

After graduation, Kegan hopes to be working in the field of corporate finance and management consulting. The Walter Center for Strategic Leadership expects Kegan to continue to be an influential leader, even after he graduates. 

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