The Importance of Leadership

Ohio University Honors Tutorial College student Hayden Humphrey (Left) discusses his thesis with Tim Reynolds, College of Business Executive Director of Walter Center for Strategic Leadership at the Front Room. Photo by Ben Siegel/ Ohio University

Why you should not wait to invest in your leadership skills

Leadership is an important skill that can often times give students a competitive advantage in the ever changing business environment.  For this very reason it is important for individuals to invest in their leadership potential.  We at the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership believe that leadership is key and that leaders are not created but are forged through dynamic learning experiences.

At the Walter Center we invest in our students by providing them with the tools and resources they need to become better leaders.  Faculty and program advisors offer students access to skill building experiences that will help students to learn to lead for themselves.  The resources students have access to vary and provide them opportunity to network, gain real world experience and develop as business leaders.  Students can choose to be involved in the following:

Select Leaders:

Select Leaders is a three-year leadership development program. Building on a long history of excellence, Select Leaders advances leadership skill building for our highest-potential students through self-assessment, curriculum, experienced based learning and mentoring. This program is based on principle-centered leadership and assists students in developing their own leadership identity.

Emerging Leaders: 

Emerging Leaders is a one-year accelerated development program with the goal of encouraging current Ohio University sophomores/upcoming juniors to achieve their potential as a leader. We strive to strengthen our members intrapersonal intelligence and professional skill sets, while mentoring them to realize their maximum leadership potential. 

Strategic Leadership Certificate:

The strategic leadership certificate program consists of four required and one elective course.  The program incorporates practical, hands-on experiences and activities that are designed to help you internalize the skills and attitude that is required for success as a strategic leader in organizations. 

We at the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership actively encourage our students to invest in their leadership potential as we strive to provide them with guidance and the resources to accelerate their potential.  As we deliver on our strategic initiatives, we ensure students that we are committed to instilling them with the foundation of knowledge, experiences and competencies to foster growth and return on their leadership investment.

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